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  • Lindsay S. Wheeler

The Only You

Don’t settle for the one who tolerates your oddities and celebrates the things that make you normal.

Don’t accept that your fears will be invalidated; even if beetles have you paralyzed and

takeoff leaves you shaking.

Don’t let someone in who doesn’t love every piece; who wouldn’t roll around with you in the grass to watch a cloudy sky consume your sunset.

Allow yourself to be loved by someone

who brings lunch to the man on 40th with no home; who leaves you sunflowers and roses

because you are the only you.

You can find the one who loves your crazy ideas;

who wants to push you in an empty wheelchair,

reaching out to catch you when you’re close to crashing.

It isn’t too late to love someone who says your eyes

are the kind of blue that takes away a breath, that your smile could stop a heart.

Only lend your heart to the one who

reaches for you in the kitchen,

twirling you to music,

as your lasagna burns in the background.

Fall for the one who accepts your competitive side and the way you loathe a loss;

who passes over Reading Railroad

because right now it is frankly what you need.

And that is okay.

Love someone who will try strange vegetables for you, who will eat your late-night brownies after you’ve used a whole lot of the wrong flour.

Trust someone whose hand you find just where you left it the night before:

right against your palm, just where it fits.

When you find the one who wants to have puppies with you, who dreams of tiny farmhouses and countertop pasta machines, don’t let them go.

Fight for the one who thinks your dreams are as beautiful as your nightmares are bleak. Reach back inside that vacant space

and let it see the sun again. It’s okay to be afraid.

You, who has come to think that love

means taking punches until you’ve shattered,

please do not settle this time.

It is time now to let go of the ones who didn’t know

you like limes in your coke and sprinkles on your sundae; who didn’t know

you write poems on plane napkins

and make mash-ups in your mind.

You deserve to be loved by the one who knows you feel in colors

and won’t let the gray back into your bloodstream just to see you cry.

Don’t settle for the ones who can’t tell you that they need you,

who wait to respond to your texts.

You deserve to be loved the way that I am

and you just can’t settle.

Because you were out there before I believed in you,

before I believed I could be the girl you were looking for. And you are the air in my lungs,

the ground below my feet.

The only you for me.

#poetry #poem #love #relationships

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