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  • Lindsay S. Wheeler

The Second Pristiq-iversary

Today I celebrate two things: the family that lends support in every area of my life and the resources that are available to help myself, and others like me, live, breathe, laugh and succeed.

Two years ago today I finally swallowed a pill that gave me a fresh start: the ability to introspect without self- annihilation, and to see that I did have strength buried under years of accumulating self-scrutiny and uncertainty. I was afraid of medication to that point; both in what society perceives of those who take it and in the physical effects it would have on my body. It's scary: taking something that has a significant impact on you, physiologically. But for me, dragging myself up robotically was not what I deserved. I finally realized that I had to change my outlook on this because dignity is a human right, above all. Medication would not be a "crutch" supporting my weakness but rather a tool to let my personality, experience and courage drown out the disease that counteracted each of these things. And don't get me wrong, it's not foolproof. I still have my days and always will.

The pups were so thrilled to participate in my Pristiq- iversary today, as you can see. Thank you pups, for "wearing" your hats, and family, for my cheddar cornbread and apple crumble breakfast. I am forever grateful to everyone who has celebrated my imperfections not despite my ups and downs, but because they are a fundamental part of my composition.

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