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  • Lindsay S. Wheeler

Silent Sexual Assault Victims Watch as Bill Cosby Maps Out ‘Town Hall Tour’

To hopeful frat boys and aspiring Tomi Lahrens, Bill Cosby has something in store for you. Golden Globe, Grammy, and Emmy award winning actor and comedian Bill Cosby, has announced that he plans to host ‘Town Hall’ meetings across the country to impart firsthand knowledge on how to avoid being framed as a rape assailant. Cosby’s spokesman Andrew Wyatt says Cosby is ready to step back out in public after Judge Steven T. O’Neill declared his case a mistrial on Saturday.

Cosby, who has stayed resolute in his position of innocence, has been accused of rape, sexual battery, child sexual abuse, and drug facilitated sexual assault. As conveyed by Cosby and his team, this is one big misunderstanding, resulting from an overly sensitive climate around unintentional contact and sexual advances. The star is motivated to speak out to those he feels are similarly vulnerable to allegations of sexual assault, claiming the ongoing case is a racist attack on his character. He announced yesterday that he will use his plight for the greater good.

Cosby's spokeswoman Ebonee Benson says the justice system is to blame for the mix-up: “Laws are changing. The statute of limitations for victims of sexual assault are being extended. So this is why people need to be educated. A brush against the shoulder, anything at this point, can be considered sexual assault and it’s a good thing to be educated about the laws.” So Cosby, who is selflessly out to protect others from persecution, will challenge a system he feels is at fault. Amidst numerous allegations, victim Margie Shapiro said, “I was confused and at a loss because I could not believe that anyone would believe me over Bill Cosby.”

The dangerously slanted power dynamic between Cosby and his victims resulted in a string of unreported crimes across decades. Victims have asserted that, in order to keep them quiet, Cosby manipulated them with money or hefty favors directly following the time of assault. Andrea Constand is another of at least sixty women whom Cosby suggests is lying. Constand filed a civil suit in 2005, which was made public a decade later in July of 2015. In the original deposition, Cosby was asked the following: "When you got the quaaludes was it in your mind that you were going to use these quaaludes for young women that you wanted to have sex with?" He answered yes. And yet just yesterday, in the wake of a mistrial announcement, Cosby decided that it's an appropriate time to explore a newfound affinity for social activism. In this new and bizarre twist, he will stand up on behalf of those vulnerable; not to sexual assault, but to being accused of it.

One male juror behind the mistrial decision played a key role in defiling the very seriousness nature of these claims. Taking a victim-blaming stance so overused it sounds cliché, he posits that Andrea Constand was dressed so provocatively the night of her assault that she was ‘asking for it.’ Now, like others, Constant will be forced not only to face what may have been the scariest night of her life, but also to see a vicious assailant re-enter society, consequence free. Further, she must watch as he goes on tour to make a mockery of the situation, boosting his own platform by positioning himself as an advocate. "He just assumed, I'm Bill Cosby," rape victim and actress Kathy McKee told the LA Times years after her incident with Cosby took place. She continued, “I’m the Number one star in the world. I can do what I want, take what I want. That's the way it's been in this business."

In a string of horrendous moves by Cosby, the latest installment is a big "screw you" to sexual assault victims everywhere. Again, he sidesteps accountability in the context of a society that systematically silences survivors. It is difficult to envision what these ‘Town Hall’ meetings may look like but perhaps they will go something like this: Cosby stands on stage in front of a crowd of predominantly male college athletes and loyal fans he hasn’t yet lost, saying, "Boys will be boys, right? I am the epitome of victimhood, and the experience has ruined my life." Young men will nod in agreement as they pocket their "freshman prey” lists and obscene, unsolicited pictures. They will find empowerment in Cosby's plea to change a culture that he feels disadvantages perfectly good people. Vicious assailants will rest easy as victims continue to summon the courage it takes to simply put one foot in front of the other everyday.

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