• Lindsay S. Wheeler

Times You Saved Me

Times you saved me:

When you talked me through that early morning panic

Brought me Pedialyte

Befriended me in a bathroom line

Marched with me at pride

Surprised me at my holiday dinner

Modeled strength

Called me when you were hurting

Trusted me to sit with you in that pain

Brought late night Insomnia cookies when I was crying

Sent me a handwritten letter

Skipped work on my birthday

Sent balloons from 3,000 miles away

Sent me playlists

Stole me a sunflower

Pressed it, framed it

Reminded me to eat

Indulged my self-deprecating, morbid banter


Had the intuition to know something was wrong

Showed up

Asked me to run at the reservoir

Shared your dreams with me

Encouraged me to take a vacation

Bought yourself a book you know I love

Said that you’re proud

Escorted Tubs to or from the city

Brought me a plant

Made me turtle cookies

Made me pasta

Made me sit down

Venmo’d me for my morning coffee ‘just because’

Met me in strange cities

Shared melted ice cream with me from the freezer that has never worked despite servicing it and duct tape

Picked peaches with me

Picked pumpkins with me

Picked apples with me

Given me a weighted blanket

Watched scary movies with me even though they do you grave psychological damage

Acted like I’ve never played you the Brandi Carlile song

Asked me to draw your tattoo

Shared me in your accomplishment

Humored me as I packed 15 varieties of glitter into my suitcase for vacation

Asked me what I need

Talked me through late night panic

Accepted that I sometimes drink 8 shots of espresso in one sitting

Allowed me to scream in public

Loved the happy me, sad me, dead me, thriving me, confused me, morose me, and every other me

Trusted that I want to see every side of you

Let me trust you, too

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